MKAGB BANNER final test (2)


British Matayoshi Kobudo Championships 2019

June 30th 2019


The annual tournament of the Matayoshi Kobudo Association of Great Britain will be held for the first time, outdoors at a private beach on the British Coastline, where all entrants will be required to demonstrate Kata recognised in the Matayoshi Kobudo syllabus. For more details about the general entry requirements please contact


Entry fee is £20 (Spectators £5) and is encouraged at all levels of ability



Bo - Black Belt

Bo - Colour belt

Sai - Black Belt

Sai - Colour belt

Open Weapon - Black Belt


Uniform: All competitors must wear black gi top with white trousers


2019 Elligible kata include:


Bo – Shushi no Kon, Choun no Kon, Sakugawa no Kon, Tsuken no Kon, Shiishi no Kon

Sai – Ni Cho Sai, San Cho Sai, Shinbaru no Sai

Tonfa – Tonfa Dai Ichi, Tonfa Dai Ni, Tonfa Dai San

Nunchaku - Nunchaku no Kata

Eku – Chikin Akachu no Eku no Te

Kama – Kama no Te

Sansetsukon – Sansetsukon no Kata, Matayoshi no Sansetsukon

Timbei – Timbei no Kata

Kuwa – Kuwa no Te

Nunti – Nunti no Kata, Chikin no Kon

Suruchin – Suruchin no Kata, Matayoshi no Suruchin

Tekko - Tekko no Kata

Chisai Sansetsukuon - Chisai Sansetuskon no Kata

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