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The Zen Okinawa Kobudo Renmei

Zen okinawa kobudo renmei

Arguably the most important 'Matayoshi Kobudo' organisation in the world, and certainly the oldest, interestingly does not use the words Matayoshi Kobudo to describe itself. This is because Matayoshi Sensei himself did not refer to the style as 'Matayoshi Kobudo'. This term was created by others, as an informal way to describe the Kobudo taught under the guidance of the great Master Matayoshi Shinpo. This phrase 'Matayoshi Kobudo' only really became popular after the death of Master Shinpo in 1997. Still many people do not recognise it as a legitimate term.


The ZOKR practises according to the original principles through which the institute was founded and they strictly adhere to the original methods without changing techniques. Matayoshi Shinpo was the first leader of the ZOKR, but by no means was he the only influence on the Kobudo they practice. Various members introduced kata to the system and developed training exercises. The Kobudo syllabus practised around the world as ‘Matayoshi Kobudo’ was developed within the renmei.


As with all associations, throughout its history, the ZOKR has suffered from internal disputes with some of its strongest members being 'kicked out' for what seem trifling issues to bystanders. These disputes (as always in martial arts) became more pronounced after Matayoshi Shinpo died. However, its leadership is proud to maintain the values and techniques of its inception in 1971.


Still going strong, highly private and little known to the west, the ZOKR can be followed on facebook here