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Family Shrine

The Matayoshi Kobudo Association of Great Britain is the original and largest Matayoshi Kobudo organisation in the UK. Democratically run and non-commercial it began in 2006 and was later formally established in 2015 to preserve the teachings and integrity of Matayoshi Kobudo. The MKAGB is a non-profit organisation founded to conduct regular training, competitions and seminars to support and cultivate Matayoshi Kobudo in Great Britain.


We are an open, friendly and welcoming organisation to all irrespective of background, committed to training and sharing the wonderful art of Matayoshi Kobudo.




Our principal actions as an organisation are:

  • To research and scrutinise technical and historical evidence

  • To physically practice and examine techniques as learned by Matayoshi Shinko

  • To physically practice and examine techniques as taught directly by Matayoshi Shinpo

  • To conduct regular training, competitions, seminars and gradings to help promote and cultivate Matayoshi Kobudo amongst the martial arts community

  • To provide a syllabus of learning according to the original teachings of the Matayoshi family



Features of Membership


MKAGB Membership ID

Copy of the Matayoshi Kobudo Syllabus

Certification recognised in Okinawa


Specialist training support

Access to training events around the world


Individual membership is £25 per annum. If you would like to join the Matayoshi Kobudo Association of Great Britain, please request an application form from [email protected]. Dojo membership is also available.


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