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Beginners can join at any time. Club and private training is available nationwide all year round. High quality instruction is available throughout Britain from experienced instructors.


Home of the annual 'British Matayoshi Kobudo Championships' and responsible for delivering the best physical and technical standards of Matayoshi Kobudo instruction in Britain through our events programme. We are an open, friendly, responsible and honourable organisation that does not confuse budo with profiteering. We are not a subsidiary of an international business. This association is run soley by the British people, internationally respected and with full recognition by Okinawa, Japan.


Democratically constituted, we are the oldest and largest organisation of Matayoshi Kobudo practitioners in the UK and with over 50 years experience of Matayoshi Kobudo on our elected committee, we are dedicated to preserving and sharing the techniques of Matayoshi Shinpo Sensei and Matayoshi Shinko Sensei.  Membership, training and support is available to any current or prospective practitioners of the Matayoshi style in the UK. Beginners are welcome to contact us any time and we will get you started.


Our technical programme is led by our elected committee, the current president Michael Clayton is the most senior practitioner of Matayoshi Kobudo in the UK and is the only official holder of 'Menkyo' or teaching license in the country. Our patron and technical advisor Sensei Kimo Wall sadly passed away in 2018, he was the first ever westerner to learn Matayoshi Kobudo as long ago as 1962. We currently train under the guidance and advice of Matayoshi Yasuhi Soke, the head of Matayoshi Kobudo in Okinawa, Japan. All of our Sensei are internationally experienced Kobudo experts.


We are the real deal, all of our instructors are in top physical shape and we practise tirelessly with pure hearts and enquiring minds. We support and welcome everyone in Britain who practises or wants to learn authentic Matayoshi Kobudo.





















Some Terminology Used in the Dojo


Kiotsuke - Stand to Attention

Rei – Bow

Yoi – Ready Position

Kamae – Guard Position

Seiza – Kneel Position

Jodan – High Section

Chudan – Middle Section

Gedan – Low Section

Uchi - Strike

Uke - Block


Onegai Shimasu – Please

Arigato Gozaimasu – Thank you very much

Kata – A Prearranged sequence

Hojo Undo – Additional exercises

Kumi Waza – Partner work

Kihon – Basic techniques

Bunkai -  Applications of techniques

Gi - Training uniform

Dojo - Training hall

Sensei - Teacher



Ichi - 1

Ni - 2

San - 3

Shi - 4

Go - 5

Rokku - 6

Shichi - 7

Hachi - 8

Kyu – 9

Jyu - 10